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Weber Charcoal BBQs

With a Weber Charcoal BBQ, you can enjoy cooking outdoors in any weather and won’t have to bring it indoors because it is built to withstand the harshest conditions. A Weber BBQ is very popular all over the globe, including in places that are quite hot and cold. So, you can be sure your Weber BBQ will cook all year round, rain or shine, you name it. Outdoor cooking with charcoal has created some unique flavors and tastes for years, but it wasn’t until Weber BBQ introduced their first iconic Weber Kettle BBQ that things started to change. With its simple yet revolutionary concept, Weber BBQs created a whole new market for gas barbecues – keeping the lid down while grilling is the most efficient way to cook. Grilling over charcoal is truly an authentic and real barbecue experience and the Charcoal BBQ has changed forever.

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